How To Repurpose Long-Form Content into Supplementary Content

Are you looking to get more out of your content? Supplemental content is one way to do it. Supplementing long-form content with shorter, supplementary pieces can help draw more attention to the original piece and keep readers engaged. Let’s look at the best ways to repurpose long-form content into supplementary content that will engage and entertain your readers.

Create Social Media Graphics & Quotes

Creating graphics from quotes in your long-form article is an easy and effective way to repurpose your work into supplementary content. Try creating eye-catching images featuring text from specific sections of your article, or create a series of short social media posts based on different points made throughout the article. This helps you put a unique twist on the same material, while also giving you the opportunity to share topics from your article in smaller doses.

Make Short Videos

Videos are an engaging form of supplemental content that can help bring more attention to a longer post or article. If you have access to high quality video editing software, try creating a series of videos featuring highlights from your long-form post. If not, you can create simple clips using just a smartphone camera—even these can be very effective when used alongside other forms of supplementary content.

Produce Infographics & Charts

Data is often part of any long-form piece, so why not turn it into an infographic? Infographics are visually appealing and great for sharing on social media platforms as they take complex data or ideas and present them in easily understandable visuals such as charts or graphs. Plus, infographics are highly shareable —so they’re sure to give your original piece an added boost! 

Supplementary content is a great way to add value and boost engagement with your long-form articles or posts. From social media graphics and quotes, to short videos and infographics—there are plenty of ways to make supplemental content work for you! With some creativity and effort, you can repurpose existing material into fun new pieces that will help spread awareness about what you have written about originally—and maybe even attract new readers too! Whether it’s through videos, graphics, or infographics – there are plenty of options available for using supplementary content as part of your overall marketing strategy! 

In order to make your content more visible online and drive traffic to your website, it is important to use keywords throughout your text. However, simply stuffing a keyword into your title is not enough. You also need to create supplementary content that furthers the conversation started in your long-form article. This could be in the form of a blog post, video, or even an infographic.

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